New Minibus

After a long period of fund raising it gives me the greatest pleasure to announce our new minibus has arrived.  With thanks to the many people who donated toward it with special thanks to those companies who gave so generously. To Andy, Jay and Jim who gave up their time and energy to ride from […]

Fire Station Adventure

Cubs went to visit Red Watch at Chelmsford Fire Station on 26 February. We were shown around by Reece who put the cubs under no illusions that this is a working fire –station ‘if the siren goes off, STAND STILL! Let us do the running around, otherwise you will get knocked down by a fireman […]

Myths and Magic

The end of January found Cubs enrolled at “Cubwarts” for Myths and Magic Camp.  Transported from Hockley to a world of Wizards and Wizardry. After splitting into houses the Cubs were out on Friday night hunting in the woods to score points for their house.  After much dark merriment a snack of mummified witches fingers […]

5 A Side

Today saw two teams, Lightening and Dynamos from 6th enter the District 5 A side competition Playing a series of matches in the face of stiff competition our cubs played really well, displaying good sportsmanship and excellent team work. Lightening unfortunatly lost their semi final but won 3rd place in the play offs, Dynamos finished […]