Fire Station Adventure

Cubs went to visit Red Watch at Chelmsford Fire Station on 26 February. We were shown around by Reece who put the cubs under no illusions that this is a working fire –station ‘if the siren goes off, STAND STILL! Let us do the running around, otherwise you will get knocked down by a fireman getting to the fire engines!’ Fortunately, there was no need for any of the cubs to be flattened in the name of fire rescue and the visit continued with a short presentation of the types of terrible incidents and accidents that Red watch have dealt with. It was interesting to be reminded that they are the fire and rescue service – ‘if there is a life to be saved, be it human or animal, we will turn out’ and turn out they did, to rescue a cow stuck in the mud and at imminent risk of drowning from the incoming tide; or the swan tied up in fishing line. I’m pleased to report that the Cubs clearly impressed Reece with their knowledge of the four emergency services, their fire plans and what do in the event of a fire.

We were taken downstairs to the fire engines or ‘appliances’ as they are referred to. The cubs were shown and allowed to handle some of the equipment used during a response including a ‘hooligan tool’ and battering ram and cutters; I think they were heavier than some of the cubs were expecting!
But the best part of the evening? Getting to play with the fire hoses!! The cubs (and Akela) got to try some target practice and to feel the water power that knocked quite a few backwards!

Thank you Baloo and Kaa, Charlotte, Cameron, Philippa, Christine and Alex for escorting the cubs and making sure they were safe; Many, many thanks to Red Watch for an epic night at Cubs!