Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR)

Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) defines the structure of Scouting in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and provides information about its management and training.

POR is available to view and download in individual chapters below or in a single pdf document.




Chapter 1 : Fundamentals of Scouting

Chapter 2 : Key policies

Chapter 3 : The Scout group

Chapter 4 : The Scout district

Chapter 5 : The Scout county

Chapter 6 : The structure of the headquarters of The Scout Association

Chapter 7 : Emergency procedures

Chapter 8 : Insurance

Chapter 9 : Activities

Chapter 10 : Uniform, badges and emblems

Chapter 11 : Awards and recognition of service

Chapter 12 : Flags and ceremonial

Chapter 13 : Trusteeship, property and equipment

Chapter 14 : Other matters

Chapter 15 : Complaints, suspensions and dismissals

POR: The appointment process

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